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In the energy market, IoT promises to deliver a more reliable, cost-effective and low carbon energy future. IoT can help the energy grid to become 'smarter', allow a better integration of renewable energy sources and help households and businesses to reduce their energy consumption and bill. Some key related problems that can be tackled are:

  • Monitor and understand energy usage trends
  • Incentivize the balance of energy production and consumption
  • Provide actionable and effective energy analytics to businesses
  • Synaisthisi platform, through its services, e.g. Renewable Energy usage incentivisation, enables Smart Grid technologies and engage consumers in a more active participation in the monitoring and management of energy usage. Consumers can therefore learn how to conserve electricity and reschedule specific tasks according to the availability of cheaper and greener energy sources, contributing at the same time to the system's stability and the reduction of 'greenhouse' gas emissions.

    Additionally, automatic functionalities can be added, like switching off of specific appliances when occupants are absent, or controlling ambient conditions before occupants' arrival, improving the quality of life and minimizing energy waste.

    Our key contribution is to provide a platform as a service (PaaS) solution to our customers (electricity retailers or energy solution providers) through which energy management and related cost saving solutions can be built cost effectively, scale to potentially millions of users or services and adapt efficiently according to their end customer needs (households and businesses). Through our approach multiple distributed components can be orchestrated to create tailored, future-proof and optimized solutions with low TCO.

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