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According to a report from, the healthcare Internet of Things market segment is poised to hit $117 billion in the next 5 years. IoT promises to deliver more reliable, cost-effective and interoperable solutions that can revolutionize the healthcare industry as a whole. Some key related problems that can be tackled are:

  • Smart & Assisted living services addressing the elderly or disabled population
  • Improve preventive and remote monitoring healthcare though smart and unobtrusive solutions
  • Improved diseases, health and fitness monitoring
  • Drug tracking and compliance
  • Improve utilization and reduce missuses of assets

  • Synaisthisi platform can integrate components and offer

  • Smart & Assisted Living services addressing Healthcare Professionals, Family caregivers and Patients as well as
  • Preventive and Monitoring services for athletes and individuals.
  • Our key contribution is to provide a platform as a service (PaaS) solution to our customers (Healthcare solutions and service providers, manufacturers of healthcare products, etc.) through which efficient and budget constraint innovative solutions can be built to address major challenges in the industry. Through our approach multiple distributed components can be orchestrated to create tailored, future-proof and optimized solutions with low TCO.

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