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Customer Profile

  • Enterprise,
  • Industry,
  • Public buildings,
  • Households,
  • could benefit from energy savings.


  • Energy Consumption Awareness
  • Electricity Conservation promotion
  • Renewable Energy usage incentivisation
  • Reduced Electricity Bills
  • Energy Monitoring and Management


    Recent years have brought up the necessity for a smart, reliable and secure grid, which maximizes renewable energy resources usage and reduces its environmental impact. Moreover, industry, enterprises, households and cities face the challenge of reducing electricity costs. However, the sustainable approach is to reschedule their electricity demand profiles in order to dynamically match the production.


    Synaisthisi platform, through its services, e.g. Renewable Energy usage incentivisation, enables Smart Grid technologies and engage consumers in a more active participation in the monitoring and management of energy usage. Consumers can therefore learn how to conserve electricity and reschedule specific tasks according to the availability of cheaper and greener energy sources, contributing at the same time to the system's stability and the reduction of "greenhouse" gas emissions.

    Additionally, automatic functionalities can be added, like switching off of specific appliances when occupants are absent, or controlling ambient conditions before occupants' arrival, improving the quality of life and minimizing energy waste.

    How it works:

  • Installation of low cost energy meters and power flow switches.
  • Remote monitoring of energy usage via any internet browser to inform about the most energy consuming tasks and potential energy waste.
  • Remote control of devices and adaptation to system recommendations for energy and money saving.
  • Configuration of automation plans.

  • Sample Recommendations and Control Interface for Energy Saving:

    Competitive Advantages

  • Low-cost solution: Minimal intrusion to your building infrastructure.
  • Modular cloud-based architecture: Highly reliable and secure service.
  • Personalisation: Adaptability to ones needs.
  • Complex AI methods utilisation: Electricity demand prediction and monetary gains balance.

  • Reduce your bills and contribute to a greener planet!

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