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Customer Profile

Anyone that could benefit from navigation and visitor management services, including:
  • Exhibition and Conference organisers,
  • Shopping malls,
  • Academic or Business Campus managers,
  • Airports and large Transportation hubs
  • Benefits

  • Localisation and wayfinding outdoors & indoors
  • High personalisation
  • Enhanced visitor management capabilities
  • Smart Outdoor and Indoor Navigation - Visitor Assistance


    Location-based and navigation services are really needed to help visitors and audience of big events, complex buildings, shopping malls, airports and large companies. However, the lack of GPS and proper mapping indoors usually renders location-based applications and services useless or simply not applicable in such environments.


    SYNAISTHISI introduces a mobile application for smartphones which offers navigation capabilities outside and inside buildings and through multiple floor levels.

    The application comes together with a suite of helpful services, including personalised recommendations, visit/event management and a helpful search functionality in order to navigate to a specific location, event or person.

    As the user finds his way towards his destination, NFC-enabled checkpoints and BLE beacons assist him, while offering re-routing, check-in/out capabilities and useful information about ongoing meetings and nearby events.

    The application is supported by a backend GIS system, which can provide a broad and clear view to event organisers, campus managers and field personnel for purposes of event logistics, safety and security.


    Competitive Advantages

  • Seamless Navigation as users move between outdoor and indoor areas and different floor levels by using innovative routing algorithms.
  • Connection to and powered by the Synaisthisi IoT platform, for localisation and real-time information feedback.
  • Dynamic Personalised Recommendations based on user profile, location and real-time information provided by the Synaisthisi IoT platform.
  • Indoor localisation without the need for expensive infrastructure and installations.

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