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Transport & Logistics

Visibility and management of mobile assets, transport networks and goods in transit are significant problems in the transport and logistics industry. IoT promises to deliver more reliable, cost-effective and scalable solutions that can revolutionize the industry and improve cost savings in many operational areas (for example by reducing delays and errors). Some key related problems that can be tackled are:

  • Automation and monitoring of error prone loading and unloading of hazardous goods
  • Improve information visibility along the value chain (partners, suppliers, customers)
  • Provide actionable and effective energy analytics to businesses
  • Improve utilization and investment value of assets

  • Synaisthisi platform can build and offer services for Transport and Logistics, e.g.

  • Traffic Management for Municipalities, Enterprise and citizens,
  • Navigation inside buildings for large Organisations and Exhibitions,
  • Assets Real-time Monitoring, Tracing & Tracking for Cargo Companies and Warehouses.

  • Our key contribution is to provide a platform as a service (PaaS) solution to our customers (solution providers or integrators for major customers such as ports, airports, public transport, Fast-moving consumer goods market players, etc.) through which efficient and innovative transport and logistics solutions can be built cost effectively, scale to potentially many millions of assets and adapt efficiently according to their end customer needs. Through our approach multiple distributed components can be orchestrated to create tailored, future-proof and optimized solutions with low TCO.

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